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Celebrate Richard Neutra’s Innovative Los Angeles Home and Studio

The modern design, which marks its 90th anniversary this year, continues to inspire and offer lessons for living.

Ninety years after completion, the home and studio that modernist architect Richard Neutra designed for his family along Los Angeles’ Silver Lake Reservoir remains an inspiration. The live-work arrangement shows how we can sensitively add density to the existing fabric of cities while still maintaining privacy and preserving the residential scale of neighborhoods. Lush plantings right up to the edge of the sidewalk soften the home and enhance the experience of nature to provide a welcome respite from the stress of urban life. Passive design strategies offer low-energy cooling solutions.

(Top image credit: Archival photo by Julius Shulman, J. Paul Getty Trust)

richard neutra vdl house
Neutra was an architectural star of his era. In a career that spanned more than 40 years and with a focus on residential spaces, he designed more than 300 houses, mainly in Southern California. Photo by Colin Flavin
Neutra VDL inside and outside
The east-facing terrace off the second floor of the residence. A Neutra Boomerang chair sits in front of a transparent glass rail opening to the private courtyard. Photo by Colin Flavin
Neutra VDL rooftop
A rooftop penthouse was added to the main house in 1951, bringing together many of Neutra’s ideas. Photo by Colin Flavin