Tour Richard Neutra’s Iconic Kaufmann Desert House Gardens

The well-known but rarely seen symbol of desert modern architecture opened its doors for Palm Springs Modernism Week.

For the first time in Palm Springs Modernism Week’s history, architect Richard Neutra’s iconic Kaufmann Desert House opened to the public in February. When tickets became available in December to tour the home’s landscape during this year’s annual festival of modern design, architecture, art, fashion and culture, they sold out in three minutes.

The property has four distinct courtyards designed to accommodate specific uses, microclimates and privacy needs. All have been meticulously restored, and we’ll be touring them here.

Above: The Kaufmann Desert House and the iconic view of the pool and home. Photo by Joe Fletcher.

Neutra’s Kaufmann House has more in common with the European International Style, with its machine-like appearance that stands out against the surrounding desert. Photo by Joe Fletcher.
The site plan is color-coded to show the exterior spaces in a lighter tone of the same color as their corresponding interior spaces. Diagram by Flavin Architects.