modern home with concrete retaining wall bermed into the landscape

The Beauty of Subtle Sustainable Architecture

See how 4 earth-friendly design approaches find harmony with nature

“Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you.” — Frank Lloyd Wright

Homeowners and designers continue to be inspired to design houses that are more “earth-friendly.” Our approach often focuses on energy efficiency, as we use enhanced insulating materials and install advanced heating and cooling systems. We add solar panels to rooftops and build wind farms to generate electricity.

Sustainable design can also celebrate natural beauty. Let’s explore some approaches to designing houses that wear their sustainable features in harmony with the architecture and broader landscape.

detail of exterior wood screens
Murcutt describes the exterior skin of this house as being like clothing: It can be changed as weather and seasons change.
hand drawing sketch floor plan and diagram
Plan and cutaway diagram of the Fredericks-White House. The narrow, long footprint allows natural breezes to cool the house. The peak of the roof is vented to pull warm air out of the house.
living roof building bermed into the landscape
Earth Architecture: Nestling Into the Land and Out of View. (Image featuring Luigi Rosselli Architects)